Master Program Courses (Yüksek Lisans Programı Dersleri)

Fall Semester Spring Semester
EEM501 - Adv. Pow. Sys. Analy. And Smart Grids EEM562 -Signal Coding
EEM504 - Random Var. and Stoch. Processes EEM502 - Antenna Engineering
EEM507 - Integrated Optical Waveguides EEM528 - GPU Computing
EEM509 - Radio Frequency and Micro. Circuits EEM534 - Data-Communication Networks
EEM511 - Introduction to Machine Learning EEM547 - Fundamentals of Detection and Estimation
EEM515 - Dynamics of Electrical Machinery EEM549 - Advanced Electrical Machinery
EEM513 - Network Security and Blockchain EEM552 - Micro-Nanodevices and Thin Film App.
EEM541 - Linear Systems Theory I EEM561 - Machine Vision
EEM551 - Control Design Methods EEM562 - Signal Coding
EEM553 - Digital Control Theory EEM592 - Seminar
EEM554 - Nonlinear Control Systems EEM599 -Semester Project
EEM565 - Image Processing UEE702 - Research in Area of Specialization
EEM566 - Pattern Recognition  
EEM567 - Advanced Computer Architecture  
EEM592 - Seminar  
EEM599 -Semester Project  
UEE702 - Research in Area of Specialization  


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