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Related to internships on Saturday:
In case of an internship with full working hours on Saturday, the Saturday working document prepared  by the institutional/organizational authority must be submitted with the internship application form or must be send with the first weekly internship report. Otherwise, Saturdays will not be accepted.
  • Sample Saturday Permit (eng / tr)

Internship Process/End Forms

! At the end of the internship, "Student Attendance Chart" (App 3) and "Institution/Organization Student Internship Evaluation Form" (App4) must be submitted to the department internship commission in one of the following ways:

They can be sent by e-mail to the e-mail address by the institutional/organizational authority (otherwise, the end forms will not be accepted).

Writing "Internship Evaluation Forms" in the mail subject will provide easier access to the documents.


They can be sent by mail in a closed envelope.

Post Adress:

Eskişehir Teknik Üniversitesi İki Eylül Kampüsü Elektrik-Elektronik Mühendisliği Bölümü

It is the student's responsibility to give this information to the institution/organization. In case the documents are not delivered to the department's internship commission, internship will not be accepted.

Weekly Internship Report (APP 5 a,b)

  • Sample Weekly Internship Report ( Turkish: word, format pdf , English: word, format pdf)

The format of the weekly training report is also indicated as pdf against the format changes that may occur in Word environment. If the submitted weekly reports are not in accordance with the given format, there may be situations such as the re-preparation and re-approval of the reports, the acceptance of less than indicated internship days, or the failure of the internship. Therefore, while preparing the reports, it is expected that the format is taken care of carefully, and the given explanations are read carefully.

Internship reports must be sent by e-mail to weekly. Reports can be submitted in two formats depending on the inclusion of Saturdays in the internship: 4 reports from 5 days each, two reports from 6 days each and one 8 day report. The reports must be approved by the internship supervisor within three working days from the last report day. After being approved by the authorized staff, the reports must be sent via e-mail ( within two workdays (including the day the report is approved). In case of delay in sending the report due to a valid excuse, the relevant situation should be reported to

While sending the reports, the subject line of the email must be written as follows (otherwise, the reports will not appear in the internship follow-up system):

Weekly Internship Report / Name-Surname / Report No: (1,2,3 or 4)

Example: Weekly Internship Report / Hüseyin Ersin Erol / Report No: 1



EEE Department internship committee:

Semiha TÜRKAY (committee president)




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