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EEM 342 - Fundamentals of Control Systems

Instructor: Prof.Altuğ İFTAR
Teaching Assistants:
Course Book: There is no fixed text-book. Main resource will be the weekly notes, links to which are/will be given below.
Other Resources: Any introductory text-book on control systems, e.g., 1) R.C. Dorf, Modern Control Systems, Addison-Wesley; 2) K. Ogata, Modern Control Engineering, Prentice Hall; 3) J.J. D'Azzo and C.H. Houpis, Linear Control System Analysis and Design, McGraw-Hill.
Course Outline:
1. Week


See Notes for week 1

2. Week

Control Systems

See Notes for week 2

3. Week

Input-Output Modeling

See Notes for week 3

4. Week

Internal Modeling

See Notes for week 4

5. Week

Block Diagrams

Notes to be provided

6. Week


Notes to be provided

7. Week

Input-Output Stability

Notes to be provided

8. Week

Internal Stability

Notes to be provided

9. Week

Stabilizing Controller Design

Notes to be provided

10. Week

Steady-state Response

Notes to be provided

11. Week

Transient Response

Notes to be provided

12. Week

Root-locus Method

Notes to be provided

13. Week

Discrete-time Systems

Notes to be provided

14. Week

Sampled-data Control Systems

Notes to be provided

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