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EEM 305 - Signals and systems

Instructor: Prof.Ömer Nezih GEREK
Teaching Assistants:
Course Book: Signals and Systems, 2nd Ed., Oppenheim, Willsky, Nawab
Other Resources:
Course Outline:
1. Week

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- "Why, what, how" of signals and systems.

- Assessment rules.

- Project topics:

  • Speech processing for mobile phone communication
    (Linear predictive coding)
  • CD audio
    (Digital to analog conversion - DAC)
  • MP3 sound processing
    (Subband audio coding)
  • Speech recognition
    (Statistical classification and Markov models)
  • Pitch-shifting audio effect
    Voice-coder (vocoder) methods through FFT
  • Marine tracking by sonar methods
    (Cross correlation and energy operators)
  • Data hiding inside music
    (Audio watermarking using spread spectrum)
  • JPEG Image compression
    (Discrete cosine transform, quantization and lossless entropy coding)
  • Video compression (for digital TV)
    (Motion estimation and MPEG)
  • Video compression (for HD cinema)
    (2D and 3D wavelet based coding)
  • Automatic diagnosis from radiological images
    (Image pattern analysis)
  • Any other real life problem involving signal processing methods...


You can watch lectures in HD quality by changing video options from settings on the right bottom corner of video pane.

Lecture 1:

Lecture 2:

Lecture 3:

2. Week

For those who couldn't find the link of the JAVA applets, here they are:

A note: By this week and following weeks, we were able to record lectures with a better audio equipment and hope you enjoy it.

Lecture 4:

Lecture 5:

Lecture 6:

3. Week

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Lecture 36:

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Lecture 38:


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