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Submission of 2018-2019 Summer Term Internship Reports: 24 September-04 October

Instructions and Guides


The student must deliver "Internship Application and Acceptance Form" to the Internship Commission of the Department at the earliest 15 days before the start of the internship.
Earlier applications will not be accepted as insurance transactions cannot be initiated.
This form must be prepared in 3 original copies (One should be prepared for Institution/Organization, one will be transferred to the personnel affairs department, the other will be delivered by the student to the departmental internship commission).
Related to internships on Saturday:
In case of internship with full working hours on Saturday, this situation should be stated in the "Internship Application and Acceptance" form. After completing the necessary approvals, a copy of this form should be obtained and submitted with the training report. If the copy of the form is not received, working with full-time on Saturdays should be indicated with a letter given by the Institution/organization and this letter must be submitted with the  training report. Otherwise internships on Saturdays will not be accepted.

Internship Report (APP 5 a,b)

The format of the training report is also indicated as pdf against the format changes that may occur in word environment. If the submitted training report is not in accordance with the relevant format, there may be situations such as the re-preparation and re-approval of the report, the acceptance of less than indicated internship days or the failure of the internship. Therefore, when preparing the report, it is expected that the format is taken care of carefully and the given explanations are read carefully.

To execute the SGK process without any problems, internships must be set to coincide with at least 3 consecutive workdays on weekdays.


Dear Students,

Internship meetings will be done in specified days and hours by the assigned academic staff in the given table.

Requests outside of these days and times will not be accepted.

Hours Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
09:00-12:00 Oğuzkağan ALIÇ H. Ersin EROL Hüseyin ŞAR


Seval ÖREN

Ömer Faruk BUDAK


Gonca Uslu ÖZKÜÇÜK Gizem YAĞAN H. Ersin EROL






EEE Department internship committee:

Semiha TÜRKAY (committee president)

Seval ÖREN

H. Ersin EROL


Hüseyin ŞAR


Oğuzkağan ALIÇ


Ömer Faruk BUDAK

Gonca Uslu ÖZKÜÇÜK



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