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Graduate Theses

NoStudentThesis TitleTypeYearSupervisor
1. Ali Can YAĞAN Spectral Graph Based Image Denoising Methods MS2016Prof. Dr. Mehmet Tankut ÖZGEN
2. Süleyman Mert ÖZER Stabilization of Time-Delay Systems by Nonconvex Optimization Techniques MS2016Prof. Dr. Altuğ İFTAR
3. Burak BATMAZ Design and implementation of a UDP/IP offload engine MS2015Prof.Dr. Atakan DOĞAN
4. Kenan GENÇOL New methods for radar emitter identification PhD2015Doç.Dr. Nuray AT
5. Can UYSAL Presence detection and tdoa estimation of spread spectrum signals using sensor array MS2015Yard.Doç.Dr. Tansu FİLİK
6. Mehmet FİDAN Nonlinear data modeling methods for multidimensional signal analysis PhD2015Prof.Dr. Ömer Nezih GEREK
7. Yusuf Alper KAPLAN Modeling and simulating of a wind energy system with static transfer switch using pscad program PhD2014Yard.Doç.Dr. Şener AĞALAR
8. Fesih KESKİN Markerless augmented reality applications MS2014Prof.Dr. Ömer Nezih GEREK
9. Cihan TOPAL Design and implementation of a real-time video-oculographic gaze detection and tracking system MS2014Doç.Dr. Cüneyt AKINLAR
10. İsmail SAN Efficient hardware architectures for cryptographic algorithms used in computer and communication systems PhD2014Doç.Dr. Nuray AT
11. Hüseyin ŞAR Grid matching in compressive sensing MS2014Doç.Dr. Nuray AT
12. Burak BENLİGİRAY A line detection based fiducial marker detection algorithm MS2014Doç.Dr. Cüneyt AKINLAR
13. Hüseyin Ersin EROL Decentralized Control of Time-Delay Systems MS2014Prof. Dr. Altuğ İFTAR, Yrd. Doç. Dr. Hakkı Ulaş Ünal
14. Mustafa DEMİRTAŞ Design and Realization of ALD Grown Al2O3 Waveguides for Applications in Silicon Based Photonics MS2014Doç.Dr Feridun AY
15. Mustafa Müjdat ATANAK Real-time data management in data grid systems PhD2012Doç.Dr. Atakan DOĞAN
16. Mehmet KOÇ New subspace approaches in pattern recognition PhD2012Prof.Dr. Atalay BARKANA
17. Polat BAŞKURT Comparing performances of adaptive filter methods for model independent noise cleaning of chaotic signals MS2011Prof.Dr. Mehmet Tankut ÖZGEN
18. Yasemin ÖNAL Detection of a power quality problem of flicker using Hilbert-Huang transform and short term severity calculation PhD2011Prof.Dr. Doğan Gökhan ECE
19. Özen YELBAŞI Self organizing map based red parameter estimation for congestion avoidance PhD2011Yard.Doç.Dr. Emin GERMEN
20. Kahraman Serdar AY FPGA based graphic system design for embedded systems MS2010Doç.Dr. Atakan DOĞAN
21. Muzaffer DOĞAN Design of block wavelet filters generating unitary transform matrices PhD2010Prof.Dr. Ömer Nezih GEREK
22. Ümmühan BAŞARAN FİLİK Solving unit commitment problem using mathematical and intelligent heuristic approaches PhD2010Prof.Dr. Mehmet KURBAN
23. Şener AĞALAR Power system modelling with using differential equations at wavelet domain PhD2010Prof.Dr. Doğan Gökhan ECE
24. Semiha TÜRKAY Trade-offs in active suspension design PhD2010Prof.Dr. Hüseyin AKÇAY
25. Sedat TELÇEKEN Motion compensated and lifting based video coder design PhD2010Prof.Dr. Ömer Nezih GEREK
26. Hanife APAYDIN ÖZKAN Control of continuous Petri nets with infinite servers semantics PhD2010Prof.Dr. Aydın AYBAR
27. Hakkı Ulaş ÜNAL H-infinity controller design for uncertain multiple-time-delay systems PhD2010Prof.Dr. Altuğ İFTAR
28. Serhat TATLIDİL Building a linux operating system for a single board computer and implementing a real-time application MS2010Doç.Dr. Hakan Güray ŞENEL
29. Tevfik KIZILÖREN Network intrusion detection by using self-organizing maps MS2009Yard.Doç.Dr. Emin GERMEN
30. Semavi AKIN Embedded system applications for electrical power quality MS2009Doç.Dr. Hakan Güray ŞENEL
31. Halil GÜVENÇ Feature extraction with common vector approach MS2009Doç.Dr. Atakan DOĞAN
32. Aslı SOYİÇ Multiobjective output feedback control via LMI optimization and quarter-car active suspension system MS2009Prof.Dr. Hüseyin AKÇAY
33. Murat BAŞARAN Detection of mechanical faults in induction motors supplied with adjustable speed drives MS2009Prof.Dr. Doğan Gökhan ECE
34. Fatih Onur HOCAOĞLU Analysing the wind speed and the solar radiation data using signal processing techniques and system modeling PhD2008Prof.Dr. Ömer Nezih GEREK, Prof.Dr. Mehmet KURBAN
35. Tolga ÜNAL Topology based corner detection MS2008Doç.Dr. Hakan Güray ŞENEL
36. Mustafa Sait ÖZEN Internet protocol traceback by using dynamic changing packet marking probability method MS2008Yard.Doç.Dr. Emin GERMEN
37. Hacı Kadir AYKUT Real-time power quality event monitoring and analysis in downtown Eskisehir MS2008Prof.Dr. Doğan Gökhan ECE
38. Safai TANDOĞAN Classification of DDoS attacks using self-organizing maps (SOM) MS2007Yard.Doç.Dr. Emin GERMEN
39. Murat HAZER Fuzzy topology based edge detection algorithm MS2007Doç.Dr. Hakan Güray ŞENEL
40. Erhan AĞIRMAN Linear quadratic Gaussian regulator design for a half car vehicle model MS2007Prof.Dr. Hüseyin AKÇAY
41. Mehmet FİDAN Compression and randomness applications on the mycielski prediction algorithm MS2006Prof.Dr. Ömer Nezih GEREK
42. Şükrü GÖRGÜLÜ Coding and archival of human face images MS2006Prof.Dr. Ömer Nezih GEREK
43. Süha TOPRAK Fault diagnosis on hermetic compressors based on sound measurements MS2006Prof.Dr. Altuğ İFTAR
44. İbrahim AÇIKSÖZ Time step approach at timed automata model MS2006Prof.Dr. Aydın AYBAR
45. Pelin GÜVEN Blind source seperation of mixed visual and audio signals MS2005Yard.Doç.Dr. Emin GERMEN
46. Nuray AT Statistical analysis of membership-set based estimators PhD2005Prof.Dr. Hüseyin AKÇAY
47. Banu ATAŞLAR Robuts flow control for data communication networks PhD2004Prof.Dr. Altuğ İFTAR, Prof.Dr. Hitay ÖZBAY
48. Ümmühan BAŞARAN FİLİK Various power flow and economic dispatch analyses on 380 kV-interconnected power system in Turkey MS2004Prof.Dr. Mehmet KURBAN
49. Murat ARTUN TCP/IP design for embedded systems MS2004Doç.Dr. Hakan Güray ŞENEL
50. Hanife APAYDIN ÖZKAN Determination of bound vectors to guarantee reversibility for unbounded petri nets MS2004Prof.Dr. Aydın AYBAR
51. Elif AYBAR Topologic edge operators PhD2003Prof.Dr. Atila BARKANA
52. Özen YELBAŞI Conversion of rate based flow control algorithms to window based algorithms MS2003Prof.Dr. Altuğ İFTAR
53. Şener AĞALAR Power quality detection in low voltage power systems MS2003Prof.Dr. Doğan Gökhan ECE
54. Mehmet Akif ERGENÇ Performance analysi̇s of mobil power plants MS2003Prof.Dr. Doğan Gökhan ECE
55. Aydın AYBAR Controller design on petri nets using overlapping decompositions and expansion PhD2001Prof.Dr. Altuğ İFTAR
56. Atakan DOĞAN Modeling and control of a two-link flexible robot manipulator MS1997Prof.Dr. Altuğ İFTAR
57. Erol SEKE MS1988Prof.Dr. Atalay BARKANA
58. Celal YAŞAR MS1988Prof.Dr. Atalay BARKANA
59. Mustafa KULA MS1987Prof.Dr. Binboğa Sıddık YARMAN
60. Engin SEZİCİ MS1986Prof.Dr. Binboğa Sıddık YARMAN
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