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EEM 466 - High Voltage Techniques (Summer School)

Instructor: Dr. Öğr. ÜyesiŞener AĞALAR
Teaching Assistants:
Course Book: High Voltage Engineering (2nd edt.) Naidu M. S., Kamaraju V.
Grading: (%40 Midterm) + (%60 Final exam)
Other Resources: High Voltage Engineering Fundamentals (2nd edt.) Kuffel E, Zaengl W.S., Kuffel J.
Course Outline:
1. Week


(In EEM-01 Class)  Introduction about contents of lecture, exams, etc.. 


Introduction about High Voltage Concepts

  • Electric Field Stresses
  • Insulators
  • Breakdown in Solids and Liquids
  • Estimation and Control of Electric Stress
  • Surge Voltages


( Note: Presentations are password protected and password will be sent to the students through OGRBILSIS )

2. Week


Conduction and Breakdown in Gases 

  • Gases as insulating media and Ionization
  • Townsend’s Current growth equation and Current growth in the presence of secondary processes
  • Townsend’s criterion for breakdown
  • Experimental determination of coefficients α and γ  (homework)
  • Breakdown in electronegative gases and Time lags for breakdown
  • Streamer theory for breakdown in gases
  • Paschen’s law
  • Breakdown in non-uniform fields and corona discharges
  • Vacuum insulation


Conduction and Breakdown in Liquids and Solids   

  • Liquids as insulating media
  • Pure liquids and commercial liquids
  • Conduction and breakdown in pure liquids
  • Conduction and breakdown in commercial liquids
  • Introduction to breakdown in solid dielectrics
  • Breakdown of solid dielectrics in practice
  • Breakdown in composite dielectrics
  • Solid dielectrics used in practice


3. Week


Generation of High Voltages and Currents  

  • Generation of High DC Voltages
  • Generation of High AC Voltages


4. Week


EEM466  1st  Midterm  ( at 14:00 )

Generation of High Voltages and Currents        

  • Generation of Impulse Voltages
  • Generation of Impulse Currents
  • Tripping and Control of Impulse Generators


5. Week



Measurement of High Voltages and Currents         

  • Measurement of High DC Voltages
  • Measurement of High AC Voltages


6. Week


Measurement of High Voltages and Currents       

  • Measurement of High Impulse Voltages
  • Measurement of High DC, AC and Impulse Currents
  • Cathode Ray Oscillographs for Impulse Voltage and Current


7. Week


Overvoltage Event and Insulation Coordination   

  • Natural Causes for Overvoltages - Ligtning
  • Overvoltage Due to Switching Surges, System Faults and Other Abnormal Conditions
  • Principles of Insulation Coordination on High Voltage and Extra High Voltage Power Systems


8. Week

(20.08.2019 - 24.08.2019)

Final Exam Week  

EEM466 Final exam ( on 20.08.2019, Tuesday, at 14:00, class EEM1 )


9. Week

(02.09.2019 - 03.09.2019)

Resit Exam Week (for Final Exams)  

EEM466 Resit exam ( on 02.09.2019, Monday, at 10:00 )

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