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EEM 209 - Circuit Analysis

Instructor: Asst.Prof.Mehmet FİDAN
Teaching Assistants:
Course Book: Engineering circuit analysis / William H. Hayt, Jack E. Kemmerly, Steven N. Durbin. Basım: 7th ed. Yayım yeri: New York : McGraw Hill, 2007
Grading: Midterm:40%, Final: 60%
Other Resources: Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis/ J. David Irwin, Robert M. Nelms. Edition:10th ed., Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, 2010.
Course Outline:
0. Week

Source-Free RC and RL Circuits

Unit Step Function

Forced and Complete Responce of RC and RL Circuits

1. Week

Passive RLC Circuits

Complex Frequency


2. Week

Frequency Response

Complete Response

Note: Look at the previous week's lecture notes (eem209_week2_summer2019.pdf) for this week's subjects.

3. Week

Midterm(17th July,2019 Wednesday at 10:00)



Bode Diagrams


4. Week


Two-Port Networks

Delta-Wye Transformations


5. Week

Fourier Series

Fourier Transforms



6. Week

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