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EEM 210 - Fundamentals of Semiconductor Devices

Instructor: Prof.Feridun AY
Teaching Assistants:
Course Book: 1) A. Beiser, “Concepts of Modern Physics”, McGraw Hill, 6th Edition, (2003), 2) B. Streetman, S. Banerjee, “Solid State Electronic Devices”, Prentice Hall, 7th Edition, (2014)
Grading: 1st Midterm Exam: %20; 2nd Midterm Exam %20; Homeworks and Quizes %20; Final Exam: %40
Other Resources: 3) D.A. Neamen, “Semiconductor Physics And Devices: Basic Principles”, McGraw Hill, 4th Edition, (2012)
Course Outline:
1. Week

Lecture 01:  Introduction & Motivation

Note - The presentation slides are password protected. The password will be handed in during the lectures only.


2. Week

Lecture 02:  Blackbody radiation, Photoelectric Effect, de Broglie Waves


3. Week

No lecture (to be compensated next week)


4. Week

Lecture 03:  Particle in a Box, Uncertainty Principle, Bohr Model of the Atom, Energy Levels and Spectra

Lecture 04:  Introduction to Quantum Mechanics: Schrödinger Equation, Finite Potential Well

Homework: Please look at the attachments below.


5. Week

Lecture 05:  Introduction to Quantum Mechanics: Tunneling Effect, Harmonic Oscillator


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