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EEM 342 - Fundamentals of Control Systems

Instructor: Prof.Altuğ İFTAR
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Course Outline:
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Course Title Fundamentals of Control Systems
Course Code EEM342 Language English ECTS Credit : 7
Department/Program Faculty of Engineering, Dept.of Electrical and Electronics Engineering




Office Hours

Prof.Dr. Altuğ İFTAR

: EEM 210

: Thursdays 16:30 – 17:30


Fundamentals of control systems are introduced. 


The aim of the course is to give an introduction to the control system analysis and design. 



EEM 305 Signals and Systems. 

COURSE OUTLINE (2019-2020 Spring Semester)

Week 1 (February 6,14-17)

Introduction: definition and classification of systems, control systems.

Week 2 (February 13,14-17)

Input-output modeling of linear time-invariant (LTI) systems: impulse response and transfer function matrices; Internal (state-space) modeling: definition of the state, state variables and state equations.

Week 3 (February 20,14-17)

Solution to the state equations of LTI systems; similarity transformations; determination of transfer function matrices; realization of rational transfer functions; poles and modes; zeros.

Week 4 (February 27,14-17)

Modeling electromechanical systems; Block diagrams; block diagram reduction techniques. 

Week 5 (March 5,14-17)

Discrete-time equivalents of continuous-time systems; simulation and implementation of dynamic systems using digital computers. 

Week 6

1st Midterm exam.

Week 7 (March 19,14-17)

Stability: definitions of input-output and internal stability concepts; stability of LTI systems; Routh-Hurwitz test. 

Week 8 (March 26,14-18)

Feedback control design for stability (4 hour class).

Week 9 (April 2,14-18)

Steady-state errors: the servomechanism problem; transient response of LTI systems; transient response performance criteria (4 hour class). 

Week 10 (April 9,14-18)

The root-locus method; controller design using the root-locus method (4 hour class).  

Week 11

2nd Midterm exam. 

Week 12 (April 23 to May 11)

No Class.

Week 13 (April 30,14-17)

Introduction to discrete-time systems; modeling; stability; steady-state errors; transient response. 

Week 14 (May 7,14-17)

Sampled-data systems: discrete-time controller design for continuous-time systems.


The students are required to attend the classes and laboratory sessions regularly and to participate in the discussions. Timely return of laboratory reports is also required.


  • R.C. Dorf, Modern Control Systems, Addison-Wesley, 5th (1989) or any later eddition.
  • K. Ogata, Modern Control Engineering, Prentice Hall, 2nd (1990) or any later eddition.
  • J.J. D'Azzo and C.H. Houpis, Linear Control System Analysis and Design, McGraw-Hill, 3rd (1988) or any later eddition.



Any introductory book on control systems.


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