Power Systems, Electrical Machinery, and Power Electronics Laboratory


Applications of the compulsory course Energy Conversion Principles and the selective courses of the Power Systems specialization area are carried out in this laboratory. Students perform experiments on various electric motors and generators that they may encounter in the industry, power electronic systems, and energy transmission lines protection and operation in these laboratories.

In addition to student experiments, there are laboratory-based energy quality analyzer for energy quality research, high-precision signal generators, high-speed data acquisition systems, various motors, high-power experimental system loads and simulation software.

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EEM 311 − Principles of Energy Conversion

1.     Three-phase Circuits

2.     Magnetic Saturation

3.     Measuring the Winding Resistances and Transformation Ratio of a Single-Phase Transformer

4.     Determination of Transformer Parameters

5.     Determination of Transformer Performance (Load Test)

6.     Three-phase Transformer Connections and Determination of Voltage Regulation

7.     Universal Motor – DC Operation

8.     Three Phase Transformer Open and Short Circuit Tests; Derivation of Equivalent Circuit

EEM 471 – Electrical Machinery I

1.     Measuring the Stator and Rotor Resistances of a 3Φ Asynchronous Motor

2.     Transformation Ratio of Stator/Rotor and Rotor/Stator of a 3Φ Asynchronous Motor

3.     No-Load Test of a 3Φ Asynchronous Motor

4.     Short-Circuit Test of a 3Φ Asynchronous Motor

5.     Testing a 3Φ Asynchronous Motor with a DC Braking Generator

6.     Measuring the Armature and Excitation Winding Resistances of a 3Φ Synchronous Machine

7.     Survey of the Magnetization Characteristic Curve of a 3Φ Synchronous Machine

8.     Survey of the Short-Circuit Characteristic Curve of a 3Φ Synchronous Machine

9.     Mechanical, Iron, Copper and Additional Losses of a 3Φ Synchronous Machine

10.  Paralleling an Alternator with the 3Φ Network

11.  Measuring the Winding Resistances of a DC Machine

12.  Measuring the Mechanical and Iron Losses of a DC Machine

13.  Effective Efficiency Test of the DC Motor with Braking DC Generator

EEM 473 − Power System Analysis I

1.     Alternator and Parallel Operation

2.     Three Phase Transformer

3.     Phase Sequence and Symmetrical Components

4.     Serial and Parallel Connection of Transmission Lines

5.     Busbar Systems

6.     Energy Meters and Tariffs

7.     Overcurrent Relays

8.     Directional Overcurrent Relays

EEM476 – Power Electronics II

1.     Two-pulse Bridge Rectifier with Ohmic Load

2.     Six-pulse Bridge Rectifier with Ohmic Load

3.     Half-Controlled Single Phase Bridge (Ohmic-Inductive Load)

4.     Fully-Controlled Three Phase Controller (ThyristorsStar Ohmic Load)

5.     Light Dimmer (Fault Simulator)

6.     Flyback Converter with IGBT

7.     Frequency Converter and Speed Control of an Asynchronous Motor with Tacho-voltage Feedback