In this laboratory following courses are held in weekly schedules.

For detailed information, you can go to the course web-site by clicking on the course name.

EEM 334 Digital Systems 2 (Using Xilinx Spartan-3 FPGA Starter Kits):

1.     Introduction to Xilinx ISE SW and FPGAs

2.     Introduction to VHDL

3.     FPGA Hardware Implementation

4.     ALU Design

5.     Combinational Logic Circuits in Practice

6.     Synchronous Sequential Circuit Design

7.     FSM Circuits

8.     FSMD Circuits

9.     Hierarchical Design and EDK


EEM 336 Microprocessors 1 (Using Freescale HC11 Microcontroller Kit):

1.     Introduction to Microprocessors

2.     Machine Code, Addressing Modes, First Assembly Program

3.     Stack Operations and Arithmetic operations

4.     Branch Instructions and BCD operations

5.     Local Variables and Floating Point Operations

6.     Parallel I/O

7.     Parallel I/O with interrupts

8.     Timer and Interrupts

9.     Serial communications

10.  Microcontroller Programming with C


EEM 489 Microprocessors 2 (Using STM32F4 Discovery Board):

1.     Introduction and Tutorial

2.     Polling Lab Exercise

3.     Interrupt Lab Exercise

4.     GPIO Lab Exercise with LCD Display Driving

5.     ADC and Analog Watchdog

6.     DAC – Wave Generation

7.     Timer Interrupt


EEM 478 Digital Signal Processing Hardware (Using TMS320C6713 DSK):

1.     Introduction and Tutorial

2.     Waveform Generation Using Look-up Table

3.     Waveform Generation Using Digital Oscillators (IIR)

4.     Interfacing between C and Assembly

5.     I/O Synchronization with Interrupts

6.     Digital Filters 1 – Low-pass Filtering

7.     Digital Filters 2 – Band-pass Filtering

8.     Data Handling: Buffering

9.     Frequency Analysis: Fourier Transform