Control Systems Laboratory

This laboratory is designed to give students the opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge obtained from Fundamentals of Control Systems and Industrial Control Systems courses on the control systems. It consists of analysis, construction, and testing of analog and computer-aided digital controllers used on basic mechanical systems, and production of PLC-based solutions for small-scale problems that can be encountered in the industry. In the laboratory program, there are different applications ranging from basic control concepts to further topics.

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EEM 342 – Fundamentals of Control Systems

1.     Introduction

a.     Initial Mechanical and Analog Unit Checks

b.     Display the Waveforms

c.     Display of the Motor Response

2.     Operational Amplifier Characteristics

a.     Scaling, Summation, and Virtual-earth

b.     Addition of AC Signals

3.     Motor, Tachogenerator and Brake Characteristics

a.     Steady-state Characteristics

b.     Brake Load

c.     Transient Response of Motor

d.     Motor Time Constant

4.     Error Channel and Feedback Polarity

a.     Feedback Polarity

b.     Input and Output Rotation Directions

5.     Step Response and Influence of Gain

6.     Velocity Feedback

7.     Unstable System

a.     Effects of Additional Time Constant

b.     Unstable Systems

8.     Speed Control System

a.     Closed-loop Speed Control

9.     Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) Controller Introduction

a.     Derivative Measurement

b.     Operational Amplifier Integrator

c.     PID Controller Test

10.  Modeling of Servo Motors

11.  Computer-Aided Digital Position and Speed Control of Servo Motors

EEM 451 – Industrial Control Systems

Within the scope of the laboratory, the following systems are intended to be controlled on the Easyveep simulator using Siemens S7-1200 PLCs.

1.     Lamp Model

2.     Lifting luggage System

3.     Hot Water Tank System

4.     Washing Machine

5.     Bottling System

6.     Ball Sorting System

7.     Treasure Hunt

8.     Parking Lot

9.     Car Alarm System

10.  Mobile Phone Timer

11.  Cube Packaging System